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      About Us

      Zibo Jingding New Chemical Materials Co.,Ltd.(originally Zibo Zichuan Xingyue Chemical Factory),founded in 2000, is located in Gaoxin Industrial Development Zone of Zibo City.Our company specialize in the research,development,manufacturing and marketing of liquid crystal and pharmaceutical intermediate.For years, we stick to the quality first,credit service.We become the raw material supplier of DSM company of Holland,DIC company of Japan,and at the same time our domestic customers are increasing year by year. We stick to the specialization,series and scale development principle. We have developed and put into operation of sixteen types of phosphonium series products and TMG,DBU 2,6 - dichloro-5 - fluoro nicotinic acid and other pharmaceutical intermediate products. Owning a large group of senior,medium technicians, at the same time we maintain a long-term cooperative relationship with many colleges,institutes which create a good condition for the development and technological innovation of the products.

      With the principle of pursuing of excellence and credit service, we'll provide the best products and services to our customers.Our customer's satisfaction is our endless pursuit.In a new century,we'd like to create a bright future with you!